I believe that writers can change the world. We have the power to tell stories and share ideas that can fuel social change. It’s both an extraordinary privilege and a daunting responsibility.
— Ann Douglas
Photo: Jessica Melnik Photography

Photo: Jessica Melnik Photography

I am the author of a number of bestselling books about pregnancy and parenting (including The Mother of All Pregnancy Books and The Mother of All Baby Books) and a magazine writer who specializes in writing about parenting and health. In January 2015, HarperCollins will publish my new book -- Parenting Through the Storm: Handling the Highs, the Lows, and Everything In-Between, a guide to parenting a child who is struggling with a mental, neurodevelopmental, or behavioural challenge.

lead workshops and deliver keynote addresses on a variety of topics of interest to writers, parents, and others who share my passions for mental health and social justice. I host a radio show for writers (How to be a Happy Writer) on Trent Radio. I am the parenting columnist for CHEX Daily (the CBC-affiliate station in Peterborough, Ontario). And I am a member of the Momstown.ca editorial team.

I live and work in Peterborough, Ontario, where I volunteer my time with a variety of projects and causes. 

In April 2012, I was one of 16 Canadians invited to Rideau Hall to discuss family policy with Canadian Governor-General David Johnston and his wife Sharon Johnston.

In June 2013, I became the second person ever to be awarded a Lifetime Membership by the Professional Writers Association of Canada (in recognition of my contributions to the freelance writing profession).